Pool Safety

When I first became a mom, I remember hearing so many stories of kids suffering serious long term injury or death as a result of pool drownings. Drowning is preventable and these families who lose their loved ones are heartbroken wishing more precautions were in place. I realized after visiting homes with unlatched pool gates and unlocked doors that more needed to be done.  It was of utmost importance for us to teach our kids to swim by enrolling them in swim safety classes before they could walk, most especially since we are in Florida.  Drowning is the 2nd leading cause of unintentional injury-related death in children ages 1-14 years old and as a mom I want every reminder, every precaution in place.  Our visual stickers serve as an added precaution to remind caregivers to secure the surroundings. 
This vinyl removable sticker serves as a visual reminder to secure the pool.  It reinforces the responsibility of caregivers to proactively check on water safety measures.

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