Bath Safety

We know that accidental drownings can and do happen to any child, and often occur with the most responsible families.  Our signs exist as an extra measure of protection to help caregivers by triggering their memory and our hope is that parents will place them as a constant visual safety reminder.  As a mom, I understand the fear and panic of seeing children around water and being worried about their safety.  My own son fully clothed in pajamas, looked up at me around 3 years old smiling, in a partially drained bath tub. He had snuck in when I wasn’t looking because he wanted to find his toys and loves baths.  I forgot to drain the tub.  I’m thankful he was found safe but far too often it’s a tragic ending to a preventable death. 
This vinyl removable sticker was created to remind caregivers to drain the bath after use in order to prevent accidental injury or death of a child.  

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