Poison Control

Every day items such as household cleaners, medicines and chemicals are dangerous to children.  According to the CDC, two kids die every day and 300 children are treated daily in the US as a result of being poisoned. I remember being nervous about these items especially when my kids were young enough and very curious peaking into every cabinet. We immediately bought safety locks on drawers and cabinets but I wished for constant reminders to lock up these items.  As a mom, I created this sticker to alert the caregiver to “ Lock It Up!” but also I wanted to be mindful of a design that would help deter a child from getting into these items.
This sticker serves as a visual reminder for adults to lock up items which could be hazardous to children.  The design supports parents' efforts to keep kids away from hazards.  In case of an emergency call 911.  For more information on poison control prevention, please visit the American Association of Poison Control Centers at aapcc.org or call the AAPCC at 1-800-222-1222.

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