Childproofing Your Home- 12 Safety Devices To Protect Your Children

Each year, children are injured by hazards in and around the home.

The good news is that the risk of injury can be reduced or prevented by using child-safety devices and reminding older children in the house to re-secure safety devices after disabling them.

Most of these safety devices are easy to find and are relatively inexpensive. You can buy them at hardware stores, baby equipment shops, supermarkets, drug stores, home improvement stores, on the Internet and through mail order catalogs. Safety devices should be sturdy enough to hinder access and yet easy for you to use.

To be effective, they must be properly installed. Follow installation instructions carefully. Remember, too, that no device is completely childproof; determined youngsters have been known to overcome or disable them.

Here are some child safety devices that can help reduce injuries to young children. The red numbers correspond to those on the image following the text.


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