‘I want justice for my baby,’ says grieving mom whose toddler died at day care center

Tearful family surrounded a grieving mother in the driveway of the Oakland Park day care where her 2-year-old son died Monday after being left for hours in a hot van.

Loud, loving and full of laughter. That was little Noah Sneed, relatives said.

The playful, joyful boy loved time at the park, his older brother and sister and especially his momma, they said.

Held in her mother’s embrace Chanese Sneed said “I miss my baby. He was the happiest thing ever. I just want justice for my baby, that’s all.”

There was prayer, there was song, an overflow of tears and a release of dozens of foil balloons — Red hearts green stars bright yellow smiley faces and Spiderman too.

Chants of “Justice for Noah, justice for Noah,” rose above the sobs.

The 33-year-old mother has been living at a homeless shelter near downtown Fort Lauderdale and working as a cashier at Burger King, according to authorities and her Facebook page.

“He was a momma’s boy — super attached to his mom,” said Chaquita Davis, who grew up with Noah’s mother, Chanese Sneed, and considers her a sister.

Likewise, she considered Noah her nephew.

“He never wanted to leave her side at all. He wouldn’t go to sleep without her,” Davis said. “It might be hard for her to sleep without him now.”

“She’s taking it hard. She’s just finally breaking down,” Davis said. “In his two little years, he brought a lot of joy to all of us. We didn’t think this would be all we got.”


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