American Red Cross Interview with Carole Forrest

Signs that Save Interviews Carole Forrest on Swim Safety Carole Forrest has been providing Private Swim Lessons for over 25 years and is certified by American Red Cross WSI. Here are our questions and her answers. ___________________________________________________________


1: What is the number one thing parents should remember this summer and year round in terms of pool and water safety?

#1 SUPERVISION. #2 Swim Lessons.


2. If we see an emergency situation in the pool what are the first, second and third steps to take?

This is a hard question to answer. It depends on the situation. First would be to assess the situation then react from there. Is it something you can resolve without help, or is it something that requires a 911 call? If a situation would arrive, always keep a cool head.


3. Are there any pool toys you feel we should avoid or be cautious to use this summer or in general?

If your child is not a strong swimmer do not use kick boards or noodles, if they slip off they need to be able to swim to a safe place. Always remove all toys, floats, etc. from the pool when you are done swimming. A ball or colorful toy can attract a small child and they can fall in reaching for it.


4. Any advice for parents or caregivers on safeguards to protect loved ones from drowning?

Once again the keyword is SUPERVISION!!!! After that, make sure all safety measures are in place. Fences, Locks, Alarms etc.


5. Is there anything else you wish to share with parents about creating a safe pool environment, that wasn’t covered above?

ALWAYS have an adult on deck or in the pool at all times when the children are swimming. Don’t give the older child the responsibility. Keep a phone by the pool area. When having a pool party, designate an adult as a “WW” Water Watcher. This can be shared during the party. Just like we have Designated Drivers “DD” we have the “WW”. That way someone always have an eye on the pool.