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The Sophia Foundation

I had an insightful and heartfelt conversation with Mrs. Karen Osorio, whose daughter Sofia died from vehicular stroke after she accidentally left her child in her car and went to work. Mrs. Osorio honors Sofia’s passing with the Sofia Foundation and advocates through the “Bag in the Back” campaign. Hot car death, also known as vehicular stroke, can happen to anyone and her story is proof of this. Mrs. Osorio shared that, “Habits save lives” and that “95 percent of what you do during the day is habitual, so make it a habit to place the bag in the back.” It is critical that safety organizations come together to collaborate, but even more so, to de-stigmatize the idea that hot car death only happens to sleep-deprived and busy parents. We must work together to take action and this starts with our society as a whole, the messages imparted, and how preventative safety measures such as our “Take Me With You” visual signs and the “Bag in the Back” are proactive when created into habit.

Wall Street Journal